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Is a Cooling Water Treatment Package Available?

The chances are that any firm in the business of running systems that require cooling water treatment is not also actually specialized in cooling water treatment options. Whether your firm is producing products in an industrial setting and requires water cooling, handles raw water for drinking supplies, or you produce energy and utilize cooling towers, the simple fact is that you are left with water that is in need of treatment. Thus, you may be seeking a cooling water treatment package that allows you a bit of customization, adaptability and assured results.

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Is a CLO2 Generator an Optimal Choice?

The use of chlorine dioxide as a water disinfectant and system treatment is not new, but many do not realize that it is superior in many ways to chlorine alone. It is far more stable and can be easily and safely maintained at what are known as residual levels to eliminate risks for recontamination. It is less destructive to piping and even prevents any colonization within the most complex piping systems. This is why a CLO2 generator is emerging as a preferred approach to water treatment.

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Latest Innovations in Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Any business, government entity or organization tasked with treating water knows that there is any number of approaches that can be used. There are water disinfection solutions that include chlorine gas feed systems, electro chlorination units, ozone options, and chlorine dioxide generators. Why choose one over another? There are many factors, including volume needed, the type of input needing treatment, and even the properties of output.

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