Ozone is an unstable gas obtained by the ionizing action on oxygen of electric field derived from a high potential, a violet discharge is the visible result. Ozone is obtained industrially by passing current of air or oxygen between two electrodes subjected to an AC potential difference.

To avoid the formation of an arc, one or sometimes both electrodes are covered with a dielectric of uniform thickness forming an equipotential surface.

The potential difference applied to the electrodes obviously depends on the type and thickness of the dielectric and the width of the ionization gap; in practice it is between 10000 and 20000 V.

For a given potential difference, ozone production depends mainly on the geometry of components of the ozonizer, the dielectric properties of the insulator, the current frequency, the dryness of the air, the pressure and the desired ozone water purifier in the air and oxygen. It also depends on the temperature of the cooling Ozone Water System in the ozonizer. Average of 10 to 20 h/m3

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