Sewage Treatment Plant/Marine Sanitation Device

A sewage treatment plant treats sewage from the desired application and helps lessen the environmental impact of contaminants. Sewage Treatment Plant uses the proven electrolytic technology to provide safe use of water. The system generates sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting any source water. The process also does not require any handling of solids and untreated influents from water. It the best way to treat black and grey water for disposal without harming the environment and also use it for recreational purposes. The device is focused on withstanding the extremist conditions by keeping all the health and safety standards in check and maintain proper sanitation on desired application.

Sewage Treatment Plant using electrolytic technology is the most effective and efficient way for treatment of water and wastewater.

Capco Water Solutions, Sewage Treatment Plant provides trusted and cost conscious solution for treating black and grey water for a wide array of applications.

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