The use of chlorine dioxide as a water disinfectant and system treatment is not new, but many do not realize that it is superior in many ways to chlorine alone. It is far more stable and can be easily and safely maintained at what are known as residual levels to eliminate risks for recontamination. It is less destructive to piping and even prevents any colonization within the most complex piping systems. This is why a CLO2 generator is emerging as a preferred approach to water treatment.

It is capable of safe application at many different points in water treatment. It may work well in raw water supplies as a pre-oxidant, but may also be safely used during clarification, post-clarification and as a primary disinfectant in potable water supplies. Naturally, the way it is used also depends on the systems and equipment in place. This is why so many now rely on a CLO2 generator for their water treatment solutions.

Why? This is due, primarily to the fact that the finest manufactures of such generators will make them available as:

  • Submerged or encapsulated; OR
  • Vacuum units

Each type of CLO2 generator has its various pros and cons. For example, those with tight budgets will find that the submerged and encapsulated options may be the most cost-effective. While they are safe and reliable, come with manual or automatic controls, and are without any operating hazards, they can be adapted to existing systems and left in situ to do their jobs. They rely on a reaction between the hypochloric acid and sodium chlorate and generate their chlorine dioxide on the site.

The pros of the more advanced vacuum systems include that they too are easily adapted to the existing system and provide manual or automatic functions. However, they are made of far more robust materials and can meet an array of both international safety and industry standards. The vacuum systems are thought of as the best available and can generate chlorine dioxide using two or three chemical combinations (as needed) without any risks of escaping gases.

If you are eager to determine the ideal CLO2 generator for your water treatment needs, you will want to consider the options available from Capco Water Solutions. With some of the most cutting-edge and readily adaptable solutions, they can work with you to keep you within your budget, but also within safety standards regardless of your needs.