Any business, government entity or organization tasked with treating water knows that there is any number of approaches that can be used. There are water disinfection solutions that include chlorine gas feed systems, electro chlorination units, ozone options, and chlorine dioxide generators. Why choose one over another? There are many factors, including volume needed, the type of input needing treatment, and even the properties of output.

Many turn to chlorine dioxide generators because they offer chlorine dioxide rather than chlorine alone. This is one of the most powerful forms of biocide and the oxidizing agent, and when water is treated with it, it results in far more stable outcomes. It will also form a residual that eliminates most risks of recontamination in the facility.

The way that chlorine dioxide generators work is quite simple – the chlorine dioxide is generated right at the location of the treatment facility. The unit generates the compound and feeds it directly into water supplies at the necessary ratios.

However, and as is the case in so many industries, not all chlorine dioxide generators are alike. Today, the most innovative options for generators are the vacuum types. When made to the highest standards, they are often far more robust than other equipment and can vary in their potential, as needed by the end user. They can meet industry and international standards, the function automatically or manually, and even get work immediately thanks to plugging and play designs. Some will yield far more due to their vacuum designs, as well.

Systems utilizing a vacuum design eliminate any risks of gases escaping and are typically low in upkeep or maintenance demands. Ideal for effluent treatment, they can be used on raw water supplies, in refineries, for circulating water systems, and more.

If you operate any water disinfecting or treatment facility, you need to recognize the superiority of chlorine dioxide and systems that generate it as a means of purification. It is not only a disinfecting agent but bactericidal, sporicidal, algicidal and virucidal; it treats water and inhibits any return of problematic growths. More potent and effective than standard chlorine treatment options, a residual amount can be safely sustained in treated water to eliminate recontamination. It also prevents the formation of bio-films in plumbing and piping, cutting down on further risks.

If you are eager to enjoy the benefits of a chlorine dioxide generator, the systems from Capco Water Solutions are for you.